Urgent Appointments

If you need urgent medical attention, please call the surgery at 8.30am for an appointment in the urgent morning clinic. You should always tell the receptionist if you or the patient you are calling on behalf of, is experiencing chest pain or breathing difficulties, or you have a child with a rash or a high temperature.

If you call later in the morning and all urgent appointments have been filled, you may be asked to call again at 2pm to be booked in for the urgent afternoon clinic.

For urgent appointments, there is no choice of GP; it will simply be whoever is doing the urgent clinics.

Routine Appointments

You can book in advance for non-urgent appointments. If you are happy to see any doctor, you will probably be able to be seen within the next week.

You can request to see a specific doctor, but please be aware that those requests cannot be met on the same day or even within a few days. Some of our GPs work part time so their appointments can book up very quickly. Please remember that all doctors have access to your records and will discuss any long-term problems with your usual doctor if necessary.

Can I Speak to a Doctor on the Telephone?

If you feel that your problem can be dealt with by telephone, you will be able to book the same appointment as a routine face to face consultation. There are some symptoms that doctors are unable to deal with by telephone. If you are in doubt, please ask the reception staff.

Why Am I asked About My Problem?

When you speak to the receptionist, please give them a brief account of your problem so that they can get the correct clinician for your problem (click here).

You may be encouraged to see a Nurse Practitioner for colds and flu, ear infections and rashes. The Nurse Practitioner can prescribe or refer a patient to a GP if necessary.

You may also be encouraged to see our First Contact Physio who is the best point of contact for musculoskeletal problems. Our First Contact Physio can give you advice and exercises, as well as prescribe pain management medication or refer you to hospital services if needed.

You reserve the right not to reveal any information to the receptionist if you are not comfortable doing so. However, please bear in mind that all of our reception staff have received training, and have signed documents agreeing to abide by the practice confidentiality policy. Information will help reception staff to deal with your problem efficiently and appropriately.

Improved Access to General Services

We are working to improve access to appointments for our patients, in particular at evenings and weekends. If you would like to be offered one of these appointments, please ask reception. These appointments may be at a different site, for example, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester.

GP Training

We are a teaching practice. From time to time the doctor will have either a final year medical student or an F2 doctor sitting in with them during theĀ  consultation. If you would rather they were not present during your consultation, please make the receptionist or doctor aware.