Milton Abbas Surgery

Catherines Well, Milton Abbas, Blandford Forum, Dorset DT11 0AT
Tel: 01258 880210 Fax: 01258 881252 Email: [email protected]


Appointment Booking Tel: – 01258 880210

Please make sure you are aware of where your appointment is, Milton Abbas Surgery or our branch surgery at Milborne St. Andrew.

What to do if you feel your problem is too urgent to await the next booked appointment?

If you have an urgent need you will be seen on the same day. Speak to the receptionist, giving them a brief account of your problem. The receptionist will ask one of the doctors if you can be fitted in for an appointment on the same day. If there is a doctor available the receptionist will speak to the doctor immediately. If no doctor is available the receptionist will speak to a doctor at the earliest opportunity and telephone you with a reply.

How much information should you give the receptionist if you feel your problem needs to be dealt with urgently?

You should always tell the receptionist as much detail as possible about yourself or another patient with chest pain, breathing difficulties, children with a rash and or a high temperature or any situation that you feel is an emergency and needs urgent medical attention.

Obviously you reserve the right not to reveal any information to the receptionist if you are not comfortable doing so. However, please bear in mind that all of our reception staff have received training, and have signed documents agreeing to abide by the practice confidentiality policy. Information will help reception staff to deal with your problem efficiently and appropriately.

How can you speak to a doctor on the telephone?

If you feel that your problem can be dealt with by telephone you will be able to book the same appointment as a routine face to face consultation. There are some symptoms that doctors are unable to deal with by telephone. If you are in doubt please ask the reception staff.

Choosing the most appropriate person to see

Many members of our nursing team are able to assess and give advice on many conditions such as urine infections, rashes, skin conditions and infections. If they are unable to help with your specific problem they will either speak to a doctor on your behalf or ask a doctor to give an opinion.

A routine appointment with any doctor

If you need a routine appointment and do not have a preference for a specific doctor you will often be able to be seen within the next few days. Please remember that all doctors do have access to your records and will discuss any long term problems with your usual doctor if necessary. Therefore, there should be no problem if your usual or preferred doctor is not available within the timeframe that you need to be seen.

A routine appointment with a specific doctor

If you wish to see a specific doctor for a non urgent appointment you can book this in advance. Often requests to see a specific doctor can not be met on the same day or even within a few days. Therefore, we suggest that you plan non urgent routine appointments in advance and give us as much notice as possible.

Improved Access to General Services

We are working to improve access to appointments for our patients, in particular at evenings and weekends. If you would like to be offered one of these appointments, please ask reception. These appointments may be at a different site, for example, Dorset County Hospital, Dorchester.