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A Day in the Dispensary

A Day in the Dispensary


Following our 2013/14 Patient Survey our dispensing team have put together ‘A day in the Dispensary’ to give our patients an idea of their daily routine.

Morning & Afternoon

Dispensing medication ordered the day before.

Dispensing ‘acute’ medication (urgent prescriptions from same day appointments)

Unpacking medication deliveries

Checking and packing repeat medication

Filing completed prescriptions ready for collection at Milton Abbas or in the appropriate delivery boxes.

Calling patients back who have requested to speak with a dispenser

Sorting out general queries from patients

Giving out medication at the dispensary reception

Sending and receiving messages from GP

When we are closed during the afternoon…

This time is not used as a lunch break as many patients assume. It is really important that we have this time to catch up.

Putting all the repeat medication requests on the computer (some days this can be over 120 requests each of which can have 1 – 15 items on them)

Printing off all of the repeat medication requests which will produce an FP10 – (The green paper slip) and a new repeat slip. This also produces labels for all the medication ordered. We match up labels to prescription, and sort alphabetically.

We then order all the medication needed to dispense the repeat medication.

We are now dispensing approximately 6,500 items per month which means we roughly dispense at least 325 items per day between Monday and Friday

We also deliver around 150 bags of medication to patient’s houses per month

Some processes can take longer than others

E.G. If the item has to be signed by a Doctor when they are in the middle of seeing patients

All items requested which are not on repeat, we will have to request from the Doctor. This will of course take a little longer than an item that is already on repeat.