Young Carers Page

A young carer is someone under the age of 18 who looks after or helps to look after someone. It might be their mum or dad, grandparent, brother or sister or a close relative. This often means doing things like cooking, cleaning, shopping, giving medication or just talking and helping when the person they care about is feeling sad. Looking after someone takes up a lot of time, and it can sometimes be very difficult to cope with everything and find time for things they enjoy.

If you are a young carer, it is important that you let the surgery know so that we can give you support. Give us a call on 01258 880210 or please send an email to [email protected] for the attention of Kelly.

If you are unsure about letting us know and why its a good thing, we would encourage you to watch this short video on YouTube called ‘Out of the Woods‘.

There is specific support available to you:

Remember, you are not alone in this – it’s okay to ask for help.